White Light


My memories of you are surrounded by a halo

The kind of white glow you can get in photos

When there’s too much background light

I know in my heart that every moment

Simply couldn’t have looked like that

Couldn’t have had that feeling in my heart

Even the first time I met you

But looking back now, I did

That light was there when we snuck out in the night

Ventured to the cliff above the waterfall

And just sat for hours

It was there when you found the old ring

Amidst the brush and the bushes

And proposed to me with a joking smile

That now I question sometimes

It was there when you showed me your

Broken, battered guitar

And sang to me a song so sickly sweet

It’s still sticky in my ears

It was even there when we found out about JT

And you just held me in your arms

Surrounding me, enveloping me

And it was somehow okay to cry




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