Those words that you whispered

So sweet in my ear...

The way that you comforted me

And held me near...

My hearbeat next to yours

My hand in yours

Butterflies in my chest

As my heart soars...

I loved the way that

You called me Buni.

It was so fitting,

Because you were my Huni.

But I won't hear your voice again,

No matter how much I wish.

I'll never get to feel your touch again,

Or the warmth of your kiss.

Now who will dry my tears

When they won't stop falling?

Who will be my closest friend,

And sing to me instead of calling?

I can still hear your voice

And the words that you'd sing.

How my heart fluttered

When you sang My Everything.

You protected me

No matter what they'd do.

You were strong for me,

But I couldn't save you.

Things just aren't the same

With any other guy.

It just doesn't add up,

No matter how they try.

They can love me completely

And give me everything they've got...

But my heart doesn't even flutter,

It's like it's been shot.

Someone else's voice in my ear...

Someone else's touch...

Doesn't do what you did for me,

Hell, it doesn't do much.

I can't get you out of my mind,

I just don't know how.

I'm not even sure if I want to...

You're all that's held me here till now.

You're blood on everything...

That look on your face.

The tears in my eyes,

When you floated away with such grace.

The flood of anger

At what they'd done

The overwelming misery

That I'd lost my true one

And now I see that moment

Whenever I close my eyes.

How much more can I take?

How many more times can you die?

I loved you once,

But now you're gone.

You're not coming back,

But I can't move on.

Love is pain

That fact is now clear.

What hurts the most

Is when you lose what you hold dear.

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