Just Yesterday

My mind sometimes drifts back
To the good times we had.
We used to be so happy...
How did we ever get so sad?

I still remember the good times we had,
Some of the things we said.
How could things end so bad?
How could you be ... dead?

Wasn't it just a week ago
I told you for the first time I love you?
I recall every word
And how it felt so very true.

"Well I guess it's better to have loved and lost
Then to have never loved at all."
Is what I said but now you're dead
And I'm not so sure at all.

And wasn't it just yesterday
That I whispered in you ear
"As long as there's life there's hope."
And held you near?

I know. I know. It wasn't!
I've been reminded so many times you're gone,
But I swear when I close my eyes I can hear
My Everything playing - our song.

And it really does no good to cry
Cause tears can't bring back the dead,
But I fear I'll do it till I die
Or a headache hammers through my head.

Loving can be painful,
But worse is losing love.
Alone down here seems like hell,
When you're up above.

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