I'm falling apart
But I like it
Every carefully mended seam
I'm slipping through the cracks
Ever so slowly
Like steam from water
But I'm glad to see me go
I'm toxic
And I'm going to infect you

Can you feel it in the air?
Can you feel it in your bones?
I'm toxic
And I'm going to infect you

I'll enter your mind
As soon as your guard is down
Sink my teeth
Into the weakest part of you
You'll howl in fear
But it'll excite you
You'll cower in fear
And it'll ignite you

You'll burn so bright
You'll be beautiful
And in your reverie
It will consume you

The venom in your veins
Is coursing with your blood
It's alighting you slowly
I can see it in your eyes

And I like it
Your sickness
Our sickness
We are toxic
And you like it
I can see it in your eyes

I smile as you combust 
I smile as you burn
Watching your incineration
I have no concern

There is no cure
For this deadly disease
There is no doctor
To cure this wheeze
No prescription will do
No ancient remedy
Once it sinks it's talons in
You're dead already

It'll leave you a husk
Useless and charred 
It'll leave you alone
Old and scarred

Take heed
Before your loved ones
Are mourning
When you hear
Those three little words
They are a warning


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