You want to draw out that stone-cold side of me?

The icy, artic, frozen side I never let you see?

I can feel it right beneath the surface -

Lurking, watching, waiting for a purpose.

And now all the things you didn’t say baby

They’re pulling, pushing, dragging it out.

It’s not an if, not a when, not a maybe,

It’s not here yet but it’s coming about.

I don’t want to drown all of your memories

With the weight of your silence

The heartlessness of your actions…

So here I am flipping through old photographs,

Reliving all the warm moments, all the laughs.

It’s a desperate, despairing, clawing attempt

To keep out this beast you’ve managed to tempt.

Part of me wants it more than I ever wanted you,

A dark, obscure, shadow of me that knows

This coming out is long overdue.

Everything would be so much easier if I didn’t care;

No more fighting, worrying, pulling out my hair.

Maybe it’s better that we’re apart -

It’s creeping like a snake into my heart.


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