I Miss You
I miss the whisper in my ear
That it would be alright
That your voice so often took the form of
When it wasn’t singing it’s sweet melody
In the form of love songs.
I miss the way you made me laugh
And the way you laughed so deeply.
I miss the way you smiled when you saw me,
And your mouth turned into something divine,
Something that made everything ok again...
The promising words of love it so often spoke.
I miss the way you would take me in your arms,
So strong and so protective,
Blocking out the worlds harm
And holding me in your sweet embrace.
I miss the way your hand felt in mine
Like they were made for one another
Another example of our perfect match
Our perfect love.
I miss the way you wiped away my tears,
With the thumb of your hand
And would put them to your lips.
I even miss the look on your face
When we’d part…
Knowing I’d be missed.
I even miss missing you,
When I knew I would see you again.
But now…
Now all I have left
Is to miss you.


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