Silly Lines



I have to keep my head up,

Because life keeps looking down.

If you keep your eyes on the skies,

You have no need for the ground.


I’m writing this so miserable,

As though it may mend my pain

Even though I know it’s useless,

And my emotions are all feigned.


But happy, carefree verses

Urging one to succeed,

May very well gain truth with time

And make the hurt recede.


So fill my head with silly lines,

As ignorance really can be bliss,

And perhaps my eyes will dry

And nothing will be amiss!


Because inside my mind is racing

And panick’s growing like a tumor.

The walls are slowly closing in

And burying my good humor.


So let’s rejoice for one last moment,

For I fear that’s all I have remaining;

Pretend these arms held tight around me

Are meant for comfort and not restraining.


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