Mist in the Morning


It feels just like a knife through the heart

I think of every excuse, a camouflage of lies

But there’s no covering this one up

And that hope I’d reserved for you, I watch as it dies


It’s a stumbling, stuttering, staggering death

For this yellow, glassy-eyed, lying creature

Every word dripping with bright red deceit

I’m shutting down this horrible, gory double feature


You watch as I fall apart, and I close my eyes

Sway on your feet, as tears roll down my cheek

Like poison in your mouth, never will you say the words

I wait in silence, but you don’t speak


Never will you admit to yourself what you are

Never an apology, a thank you, or a hug

I don’t reach for you, I just walk away

I’ll make my bed in this grave that you’ve dug


The hope I had for you evaporates like mist in the morning

We both know the truth, every “No” stings with deceit

The burns of betrayal, the damage of disappointment

Everything I had to give, is laying discarded at your feet




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