Photo by NVLeBoeuf Photography (see last link)


Turning off my phone,

Turning down the lights.

I want it to be just me

And your memory tonight.

I’ll light some candles

And turn the music on low.

You and I can dance

In the light of the moon glow.

And if we get tired,

And you need a place to lay your head…

Since you’ve been gone,

I haven’t filled your void in this bed.

We can whisper in the darkness

About all the things we’ve missed.

Reminisce all those sweet moments,

Like the first time we kissed.

I just want to hear your voice

When I talk to you like you’re there.

And when I reach for you in the night,

I want to run my fingers through your hair.

But if my hands meet cold pillows

When I roll over at dawn

At least I’ll have gotten my wish,

Just one more night with you Shawn.



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