Push away every misplaced drop of blood...

And even every kiss.

He didn't give his life away

So I could live mine like this.

You cannot break me, though you may try.

I will always be able to think of worse ways to die.

Take everything I've got and throw it all away,

Your commands I will never obey.

I don't doubt these vehement feelings you proclaim, 

It's just your word that appears counterfeit.

How many hopes and lives have you set aflame?

There isn't a crime left for you to commit.

There's nothing you can do to make me love you,

Nothing you can do to change my mind.

I know what you are,

And I know what you aren't

And I will not be confined.

Piece by piece you take it all,

Strip it away and watch me fall.

But I will never turn to you,

And I won't be the victim.

I know where my heart lies,

Even though you will never hear this dictum.

My strength doesn't come from above,

It comes from within.

Your heart will speak the truth,

If your ears are tuned to listen.

Finished 05/17/2010

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