Your chest could be my pillow,

Your breath my bedtime story,

Your heartbeat my lullaby.

Instead I lie alone tonight,

And whisper myself this lie….

I’ll sleep when I’m dead,

It’s the only way I’ll get your words out of my head.

There aren’t enough pillows to fill your void in this bed…

It’s 5am and you’re still dead.

Three days or three years, 

It hurts just as bad.

In all that time, 

Nothing could compare to the love that we had.

I can’t breathe here,

Throw me back in the ocean.

Since you’ve been gone,

I’ve been living in slow motion.

Maybe I’ve just got you on my mind…

But you’re everywhere I look.

If you have any compassion,

Please take me off your hook.

12-26-2010 - 01/30/2011 

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