Apparently I'm still capable after all, 

But for a moment there I had some doubt. 

Maybe I don't always have to keep up this wall... 

I'm ready to learn what letting go is all about.

I’ve spent so long lost and hopeless in the dark, 

My eyes are burning, and so they’re closed tight.

My heart, like the past, has stood abandoned and stark,

But here I am now, standing in a faltering ray of light.

I fear that before I reach it, I’ll see the mirage.

That it will come looming out of the dark, gleaming

And then disintegrate like a disengaged collage,

Only to leave me alone and dreaming.

Risks are a part of life that no one can escape,

And true love holds the hand of heartbreak.

Ever so slowly, my future is starting to reshape.

You’ve got a smile on my face, until I awake.


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