Angle of Attack

He said, I think I still love you

I said, stop it

He said, but I think I really do

I said, drop it

Baby, I can read you like a novel

That’s why I’m always busy

I hate to see you grovel

But honestly, you make me dizzy

No I’m not sure the time of day,

Or if you left your coat

I’m not sure how much more clearly I can convey

I need you like I need a sore throat

I put out my hand, 

But you just watched me hit the ground

I have never been so happy 

That you’re not around

The only way you can knock me down

Is with your fist

Your actions might be cruel

But I can resist

You don’t need to think of me as an equal

But you damn sure better treat me like one

I don’t need to star in Your Mess the sequel

You’re nearsighted, and I’m lookin at the long run

I trust you just about as much as I trust my father

With a bottle of Jack

You’re planning fake apologies,

But I’ve laid out my angle of attack.

Take a couple big steps back

Like you’re at the business end of my gun

How many times do I have to tell you

I am over you, I’m done


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