Every Drop

My hand closes around the doorknob,

Heartbeat pounding in my ears

My head throbs

Racing from my fears.

Down the stairs and through the hall,

I hear your footsteps behind me.

“Stop now!” I hear you call,

But I’m so close to being free.

One last obstacle in my path,

The last door is locked.

I should be expecting your wrath,

But I still end up shocked.

Just one glimpse outside…

Just one breath of fresh air…

Not here with no where to hide..

Not here where I’m scared…

Your hands close around me,

Cutting off my scream.

In my face you dangle the key,

Crushing all my dreams.

“You fucking bitch you’ll pay for this,

Every drop in your beautiful blood.

The last two years will feel like bliss

After I’ve opened up the flood.”

Up a set of stairs we went,

Around the corner, through a door.

“Now you get to repent.

Inside you filthy whore!”

Down I fell onto the bed

Bloodstained and gory.

His fist came down upon my head,

Enjoying his moment of glory.

Clothing ripped and thrown away

Pride torn and shattered

Every drop of blood I pay

My body bruised and battered

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