Bad Metaphors

Love Is Like a Puzzle

That you just can never finish.

Love is like a child at the table

Behind a plate of spinach.

Hope Is Like an Anchor

That ties you to the ground

And soon forgets you there…

Screaming, but no one can hear a sound.

Dreams Are Like Reality,

So hopeful yet so cruel.

They give you the strength to go on

And then take away the fuel.

Promises Are Like Laws;

They’re just made to be broken.

They always seem to fall apart

Just as soon as they’re spoken.

Freedom Is Like Prison;

We’re condemned to be free.

It’s just a word we fight for

That we can’t understand or see.

And Life is Like a Movie

Because it will always end.

Some are good and some are bad

And from Death no one can mend.

Before 03/09/2006

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